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"Tricia is extremely enjoyable to work with. She requires only initial direction, and she consistently comes through with the exact tone and quality that we were looking for. Her prices are very competitive and her quality second to none."

Destination Weddings CEO
Destination Weddings – Massachusetts, U.S.A

“Tricia Snell is highly organized, effective, and displays excellent communication skills. Tricia Snell is an innovative problem solver. She provides the service she presents and goes above and beyond in her services by meeting deadlines and providing fresh design and proactive marketing to increase our readership.“

Jeff Hammerberg
Gay Real Estate – Denver, Colorado, U.S.A

“Fantastic work. On target and right to the point. Tricia listens and then provides you with exactly what you want.”

Janet Brin
Caribbean POSH Magazine – St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

“Tricia Snell is very thorough, and she goes above and beyond in the quality of work she delivers.“

Dealer Principal
Ray White Real Estate – Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Why Hire a Brand Story Journalist?

Are you struggling to find your business's unique voice? 

Don't worry; you're not alone. Many businesses find it challenging to articulate their brand's story. With the help of a brand story journalist like Tricia Leanne Snell, you can think like Apple and develop a compelling brand narrative that resonates with your target audience.

Every successful business has a unique story behind it, and Apple is no exception. From its humble beginnings in a garage to becoming one of the most innovative companies in the world, Apple's brand story is what sets it apart. If you want to create a similar impact for your business, it's time to hire a brand story journalist. They will help you craft a compelling brand story that captures your company's essence and values.

Tricia Leanne Snell's mission is to help you create a unique brand narrative that sets you apart as a brand to attract a loyal following.

Your Brand Story Journalist

Tricia Leanne Snell

Brand Story Journalist

It is all about you, me, and words. I take the frustration out of you finding the right words. I help you develop your brand story so it identifies the ambitions of your niche market, defines the challenges that are stopping them from reaching these ambitions, and then shows them how you can help them overcome these challenges. 

Since completing my Bachelor of Communication, majoring in journalism, decades ago, I've worked with magazines, news groups, book publishing companies, entrepreneurs, franchises and business entities. Some of my most memorable moments are when the smile on my client's faces and their laughter signifies my success.

How do I develop your brand story? I do this by making your niche market the hero in your story. They become Batman, the hero looking to overcome his arch-rival, the Joker, and you become the faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth, arming them with the right tools to defeat their arch-rival.  

Let's get your brand story drafted today so tomorrow you can publish a best-seller. 

"Every great storyteller knows that great writing isn't in what you say; it's in what you don't say" Donald Miller - New York Times Bestselling Author.


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